Full Stack Development with React

Explore our Full Stack Developer with React course for beginners. Learn the fundamentals of web development, JavaScript, React, and more, and kickstart your journey to becoming a proficient web developer.

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Are you ready to embark on a dynamic and rewarding journey in the world of web development? Our Full Stack Developer Course is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to become a versatile and in-demand developer capable of creating both front-end and back-end applications. Whether you’re a seasoned programmer looking to expand your expertise or a beginner eager to enter the tech industry, this course offers a comprehensive learning experience that covers the full spectrum of web development.


By the end of our Full Stack Developer Course, you’ll have the proficiency and confidence to build complete web applications from scratch, collaborate effectively with development teams, and pursue a fulfilling career in the rapidly evolving field of web development. Join us on this exciting journey and unlock your potential as a full-stack developer!

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

In Full Stack Developer Course, individuals from diverse backgrounds and skill levels will find the opportunity to embark on a transformative learning journey. Whether you’re a complete beginner eager to explore the world of web development, a front-end specialist looking to expand your capabilities, a back-end developer seeking a holistic skill set, or a seasoned programmer aiming to specialize in web development, this course is tailored to meet your needs.
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Learning Path

  • Introduction to HTML

  • HTML Document Structure

  • Text Formatting

  • Lists

  • Links

  • Images

  • Forms

  • Tables

  • Semantic HTML 5

  • Introduction to CSS

  • CSS Syntax

  • CSS Type

  • CSS Selectors

  • CSS Properties

  • CSS Layout

  • CSS Box Model

  • Responsive Web Design

  • CSS Flexbox

  • CSS Grid Layout

  • CSS Transitions and Animations

  • CSS Pseudo-classes and Pseudo-elements

  • CSS Transforms

  • CSS Frameworks

  • CSS Optimization

  • Cross-Browser Compatibility

  • Introduction to JavaScript

  • JavaScript Basics

  • Functions

  • Arrays

  • Creating arrays and working with array methods

  • Document Object Model (DOM)

  • ES6+ Features

  • JavaScript Modules

  • Third-Party Libraries and Frameworks

  • Code Quality and Best Practices

  • Project-Based Learning

  • Introduction to jQuery

  • Basic jQuery Syntax

  • Document Ready Event

  • DOM Manipulation

  • Event Handling

  • Animations and Effects

  • AJAX with jQuery

  • Adding and Removing Classes

  • Cross-browser Compatibility

  • Best Practices

  • Project-Based Learning

  • Introduction to React

  • Setting Up React

  • React Components

  • JSX (JavaScript XML)

  • Rendering Components

  • State and Props

  • Event Handling

  • Component Lifecycle

  • Conditional Rendering

  • Lists and Keys

  • Managing State

  • Hooks

  • Working with APIs

  • Error Handling

  • Optimization and Best Practices

  • Real-world Projects

  • Introduction to PHP

  • Setting Up a PHP Environment

  • Basic PHP Syntax

  • PHP Variables and Constants

  • Control Structures

  • Functions

  • PHP include and require Statements

  • Arrays

  • Super Global Variables

  • Working with Forms

  • Database Connectivity

  • Cookies and Sessions

  • Error Handling

  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

  • Working with php – Ajax

  • PHP Security

  • Working with APIs

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)

  • Deployment and Hosting

  • Performance Optimization

  • Version Control

  • Community and Resources

  • Real-World Projects

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